Sharon Krulak
Baltimore, Maryland

Sharon_Krulak_profileArtist Statement:

“Torn Paper Collage” has recently become my creative outlet, passion and art expression after many years as an Interior Designer & Custom Home Builder. This medium allows me to express myself in a whimsical and creative way that constantly evolves until the final image appears…..often surprising me.

These brightly colored collages are composed of many snippets of torn papers which become my “paint palette”.
I include all types such as magazines, maps, stamps, various patterns and textures and also many of my hand-painted papers.

There are words and phrases in some of the text of the papers that seem to magically appear as the torn bits are placed on the image personalizing and enhancing the interest of the collage.

The different textures contribute to the painterly quality of the collages as I layer and weave them until I achieve the desired effect. Many rhythmic layers of color are needed to accomplish the whimsical, spirited results.

It is a great pleasure for me to see people smile as they encounter these works of art.


Sharon Krulak, Torn Paper Collage Artist

Email me to get your favorite collage as a high quality, signed, matted print.

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